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This page's goal is to provide users with a quick way to pull up recipes that match defined nutrition criteria such as "low-fat", "high iron" etc. Many of the categories and criteria below are based on the information in FDA Backgrounder, May 1999: The Food Label. Categories with an asterisk next to them indicate I made up the definition. Some FDA guidelines are difficult to determine when cooking meals form scratch. For instance, a Low-Fat food is defined as one that has less than 3 grams of fat per 100 grams. However, my nutrition program doesn't accurately calculate how many grams are in a serving. As a result, for the low-fat definitions I use a percent of calories even though this is an inferior way to measure fat.

'Disclaimer': Nutrition information is calculated using NutriBase. While I've tried to note exactly how the nutritional information is calculated (i.e. whether it contains the optional ingredients, etc), they still may not accurately reflect how you prepare the recipe. Sometimes there is significant differences in nutritional information depending on the brand you buy. Also, "1 medium" zucchini doesn't mean the same thing to everyone :) So, please take the nutritional information as a general overview of the recipe instead of precise nutritional information.

Healthful Eating

Low-Fat* - 25% of calories or less comes from fat

Very Low-Fat* - 15% of calories or less comes from fat

Low-Saturated Fat - 1 g or less per serving

Low-Sodium - 140 mg or less per serving

Very Low Sodium - 35 mg or less per serving

Low-Cholesterol - 20 mg or less and 2 g or less of saturated fat per serving

High Protein* - contains at least 14 grams per serving of protein.

Good Protein* - contains between 7 and 13 grams per serving of protein.

High Nutrient Recipes

These categories contain 20% or more of the Daily Value per serving for the specified nutrient.

High in Vitamin A

High in Vitamin C

High in Calcium

High in Iron

High in Vitamin D

High in Vitamin E

High in Vitamin K

High in Thiamin

High in Riboflavin

High in Nicain

High in Vitamin B6

High in Folate

High in Vitamin B12

High in Phosphorus

High in Iodine

High in Magnesium

High in Zinc

High in Selenium

High in Copper

High in Manganese

Good Nutrient Recipes

These categories contain 10-19% of the Daily Value per serving for the specified nutrient.

Good in Vitamin A

Good in Vitamin C

Good in Calcium

Good in Iron

Good in Vitamin D

Good in Vitamin E

Good in Vitamin K

Good in Thiamin

Good in Riboflavin

Good in Nicain

Good in Vitamin B6

Good in Folate

Good in Vitamin B12

Good in Phosphorus

Good in Iodine

Good in Magnesium

Good in Zinc

Good in Selenium

Good in Copper

Good in Manganese

Calorie Designations

Less than 50 calories per serving

Less than 100 calories per serving

Less than 200 calories per serving


All recipes on this site should be appropriate for Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians (definition). Recipes that are either vegan (definition) or could be easily modified to be vegan are also assigned to the vegan category.