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Several years ago I copied all my mother's recipes and all my mother-in-law's recipes into electronic format because I had trouble keeping track of paper recipe cards. Anytime I need a recipe, I carry my notebook computer into the kitchen and proceed to cook. Miraculously, because I'm one of the messiest cooks alive, I've so far managed to avoid ruining my poor computer. However, as I was cooking I would come across typos that needed to be fixed so I would have to go edit the html. This seemed a tad inefficient to me so I transferred all my recipes into a wiki (click here for information about wikis).

Using a wiki allows me (and anyone else with an account) to edit these recipes quickly. Feel free to correct any obvious typos or add vegetarian recipes to this site (click here for information about vegetarianism). I will remove any inappropriate content (including non-vegetarian recipes). Because of spam problems, you must have a user account to edit or add recipes. To request a user account, email me at

An asterisk (*) after an entry's title indicates that it's a copyrighted recipe from another source. I do not include the actual recipe for these titles. Instead, I'll link to WorldCat which will show the closest library with the specified cookbook and/or magazine. Also, I'll include any comments I have about the recipe and nutritional information for it.