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Book Resources

I have a completly seperate page for Book Links.

General Information

Wikipedia is a wiki encyclopedia. It contains articles on almost everything. Most entries can be edited by anyone so sometimes the accuracy isn't the best but it's a fabulous starting point for encyclopedia-type information.

Search Engines

Do I really need to explain Google?

A9's searches are "enhanced" by Google. For each search the user can specify what types of results they want to see. The default shows the standard search screen and then in the right column it also returns images that match the query. The user can choose to add or remove columns.

TV/Movie Resources

The Internet Movie Database or, as my husband likes to call it, The Movie Oracle. Excellent resource for pretty much anything you wanted to know about specific movies. Each movie entry contains links to actors/actresses, writers, reviews, ratings and more.
Provides extremely hilarious and often scathing point-by-point recounting of television episoides. Have you decided that you really don't want to waste time watching Alias and yet are still morbidly curious about what is happening? This is the site for you. Current shows being reviewed include Alias, Battlestar Galatica, Desperate Housewives and more.

Created as a replacement for TV Tome (which was absorbed by CNET and went downhill) TV IV is a wiki that provides fairly comprehensive information on various TV shows.